Milli Muses


Cindy woke up at 5 am on a Saturday to take her son to the hockey arena. She and her husband take turns. In many ways Cindy looks forward to it because it is a fun time to catch up with the other hockey moms.

Cozy and warm clothes are the order of the day, but she still likes to look ‘cool’. The hockey moms are a competitive bunch – in more ways than one!  They compare notes on the trials and tribulations of raising teenage boys, the latest ‘perfect-fit’ jeans, their plans to try a new Fusion restaurant they read about and, unfortunately, the latest friend going through a divorce. They often go out together, and quite a few are part of the same book club. During the week Cindy works part-time at the Hospital. She coordinates the volunteers, and does outreach to recruit new ones. The flexibility allows her to deal with her kids, her husband and run her home.

She enjoys cooking, and her family particularly loves her eggplant parmigiana. Her mother is getting on in years but they still go for tea at the club every Thursday, a civilized tradition they began when she finished university. It’s an escape to the ‘old world’  that still remains after generations of her family being members.


The soft chime of Ainsley’s alarm goes off at 8 am.  She presses snooze twice.  She removes her eye mask and checks her calendar for the day:
• Personal trainer •  Meeting at the hospital for the gala she is chairing •  Lunch with her art group • Hairdresser • Party for the launch of a new magazine.  Another Busy day.

Her mind races to her closet.  What will she wear tonight?  She can’t wear the same thing she wore to the restaurant opening last week, most of the same people will be there.  And today, the women in her art group are always wearing some interesting accessory or piece of clothing from their latest trip to Paris or London.
At breakfast she reads the paper, scanning the social pages to see who, what and “wear”.  She finds herself photographed at last week’s art opening. She hates the photo, but what can you do? The busy social season is coming up. An event almost every night.

She realizes that she needs to send her husband’s assistant the schedule, hopefully he will attend some of the events with her, and she knows that she will have to attend some of his, rather dry, banking events.  They will be in Palm Beach for the holidays.  Certainly not a break from the social scene, but a slightly different scene.
She remembers that tomorrow she scheduled a photo shoot for the family holiday card.  Now she needs to coordinate her whole family’s outfits! Add that to her to do list – and the day has just begun!


Wendy wakes up at 6 am to catch her favourite spinning class.  After a good sweat she runs across the street, grabs her cold-pressed juice and races home to shower, change, and make sure that her teenage daughter is getting ready for school, the money is on the counter for the dog walker, and the grocery list is ready for her housekeeper.

Wendy’s Husband drives her to the subway so she can get downtown without the hassle of traffic and parking.  Today She is wearing a simple dress with a tailored blazer on top,  accessorized with a bold necklace and a scarf. It is a perfect combination of professional, classic with a touch of fashion forward personality.

She has a full day of meetings ahead, two impending trials to prepare for and a charity cocktail party straight after work that she must attend.  She’s home by 8pm.  Catches up with her husband and daughter.  Settles in on the sofa to catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey that she PVR’d. After that she surfs the web while looking for ideas for the trip to Costa Rica thats she’s planning for her family.  A little adventure, some relaxation and experience of a new culture.
This weekend she is looking forward to seeing her old high school friends –  They are going to the new hot restaurant in town.  Before bed she reads a chapter of her book for book club – she’s close to finishing – but book club is tomorrow!


Victoria wakes up at 4 am.  She still hasn’t gotten over the jetlag from her recent trip to Europe.  She tagged along on her husband’s business trip to London and Geneva.  Victoria is enjoying the freedom now that both of her kids are out of the house.  She’s spending less time at home and more time traveling.

She and her husband are looking at buying a place in Palm Springs to escape to in the long, dark, winter months.  He can work remotely, and she will make sure that any philanthropic obligations she makes works within their schedule.

Victoria finds that her daughters have rubbed off on her, and she is enjoying dressing more casually.  Pieces rather than outfits.  She has even grown to embrace the concept of high/low and the value in investing in great pieces and accessories. Victoria and her daughters often go shopping together and love when they can do so in the same store.

She still needs unique formal pieces as she is a regular on the circuit of charitable functions, and her daughters are now starting to attend some too.  They find it challenging to find young styles of dresses.

She is good about cleaning her closet at the end of each season, and really likes to have fresh pieces.  She’s picking up some interesting items on her travels, but mostly likes to get her shopping done at home.



Hillary is panicked. She has two events coming up. A wedding of a friend getting married for the second time, and a Charity Gala that her husband’s business is sponsoring.

The last time Hillary bought a dress was three years ago for her younger sister’s wedding. She is far more comfortable in casual clothes. She is a professor at the university and seldom has reason to get dressed up. Hillary is dreading the process of dress shopping. She is hoping she won’t need to spend a fortune on these dresses as she will have very little opportunity to wear them again. However, for both events, she wants to look celebratory and well put together.

Her friend has offered to go shopping with her to help her find the perfect dresses.  She has a store in mind that she has heard is a go-to for special occasion outfits!


Jackie is the fun girl of her group. She experiments with colour – hair, nails, clothes you name it. Her friends are always eager to see what Jackie’s latest look is.

She recently moved to Hamilton with her Art Director fiancé. They met at work in Toronto at the animation company they both joined three years ago. The company has made a bold, pioneering move to Hamilton, converted an old Victorian house into an office and is laying the groundwork to attract more creative types to the city.

Jackie and her fiancé decided to buy a house close by. Prices were more affordable than Toronto, and Jackie has read about the fact that Hamilton is poised for growth, and that investing in Hamilton is a smart move. The new GO train will make the commute back and forth to Toronto to see clients so much easier.

Jackie likes nice things. She spends money on interesting accessories, and likes the thrill of the find. One thing she misses about Toronto is being able to pop into stores to buy an interesting ‘pick-me-up’. She likes to shop this way.  A piece here and there. Whatever catches her colourful and creative eye.



Esther has a busy day ahead of her. It’s her granddaughter’s graduation this coming weekend, and she is helping her daughter-in-law with some last-minute details for the party they are hosting for her class. She has come home from Florida to be involved in the celebrations.

She had her outfits planned months earlier, but the weather has changed and she’s thinking she may need to rethink the suit that she was planning to wear to the graduation service at the school. Hopefully her personal shopper can help her figure it out.

She’s finding it increasingly more difficult to find comfortable clothing. She likes dressing in outfits, and knowing exactly which pieces go together. Esther dreads shopping and likes to get it all done seasonally. She has just started to get comfortable with the iPhone that her children and grandchildren bought her for her birthday.

Her husband is slowing down his business and toying with full retirement. She’s hoping that means that they will be able to travel more, spend more time in Florida and take advantage of time with their grandchildren.



Connie starts her day by reading the Hamilton Spectator.  She likes to keep up on the local news.  She lives down the street from her childhood home and around the corner from her old school.  She is still close with her high-school friends, and they get together often.

She enjoys the relative quiet of Hamilton.  Toronto seems way too busy, loud and overwhelming.  She does visit every now and then, but prefers to stay close to home.
Connie considers herself a smart shopper.  She spends money on good, core, versatile pieces every season.  She’s looking forward to attending the new exhibit at the AGH with her girlfriend today and they are going to grab a bite at The Bread Bar afterwards.

Her daughter is in her final year of her Masters program at McMaster, living at home until she graduates. She thinks her daughter will leave Hamilton once she graduates, but there are some interesting things happening in the city and she is hoping that maybe Hamilton will have enough new energy and excitement to keep her close to home.